Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Kuala Lumpur Kwong Ngai Lion Dance Troupe"
Cheng Title "GU Shu Chang Jing" Gu Shu means old tree. Chang Jing, means, There is
a hidden gold. So this story is basically, the lion cross the bridge to another side of
the river and found there is an old tree there. Feeling curious about the old tree, the lion try to break into the center part of the tree and see what is inside. After Breaking, the lion found there is a gold in it and the lion take the gold. Another story is to replace the gold with a snake's egg. Do the same routine, but the lion grab the snake egg instead of gold
Scoring : 7.86 - slight mistake 0.2 = 7.66

"Selangor, Ampang, Jing Lan Lion Dance Toupe B Team"
Cheng Title "Shi La Bai Zhu" meaning, Hidden Centepead In Betwen Stones. Shi La is the gap between 2 stones, Bai Zhu is centepead.
The Story. The lion found there is a bunch of stone and its curiosity drive it self closer to the stones. The lion notice that there is some thing to eat in the gap of the 2 stones but the food, guard by a centepead. So to get the food, the lion must first get the centepaed attention and attract the centepead out from the stone gaps. So we will see the lion react moving foward and backward to make the centepead chase after him. As the centepead comes out, the lion will quickly moves its direction and attack the centepead from the back. After getting rid of the centepead, the lion can finally eats the food.

Scoring : 8.14

"Selangor, Ampang, Xun Wu Lion Dance Troupe B Team"
"Zhi Chu Du Jiao Lian" Means Grabbing a Cheng called Du Jiao Lian.
Story base on this performance, The lion is playing around and it comes to a pond where there is a platform to move in towards the pond, At the end of this platform, there is where the "Du Jiao Lian" Cheng is stated. So the lion must first express its joy when it see water. So it drinks the water and then go on top of the platform to enjoy the scenery of the pond and it suddently found that there is a cheng at the end of the paltform. So joy expression react to the food and after be sure of the sourround is safe, The lion eats the cheng.

Scoring : 8.33

"Kuala Lumpur, Kepong, Kok Hing Lion Dance Troupe"
Cheng Title, "Gu Ching, Xian Bao" Gu Ching is a water well, Xian Bao means having some thing precious in it. So obviously is the cheng which is inside the well.
Story, The lion comes out from the forest and found that there is a well. An old well where this well is already no one is using it for water source. Thats why props such as crawling grass and leaves are all over the well. The lion then test the well and observe the well carefully to make sure there is no danger. The lion then pull out the grass one by one and finally the lion found that there is a cheng on one of the leaves that it has pulled out.

Scoring : 8.14 - slight mistake 0.3 = 7.84

"Bei Tian Gong Dragon and Lion Dance Team"
Cheng Title Choi Cheng After Crossing Over The Bridge" Basically the titles tells every thing.
Lions came to a bridge and do the basics movements on biting and testing the bridge to make sure it is safe and then cross the bridge. When crossing it will look at its own reflection on the water under the bridge. After crossing, the lion found the cheng and eats it after ensuring there is no danger sorround.

Scoring : 7.5

"Feng Shan Zhi Lion Dance Troupe"
Cheng Between Rocks. The Lion Climbs up the mini hill that made out of rocks. Half way through, the lion found there is a cheng on the gap in between the 2 rocks. So The lion express its joy and also coutions against danger sorrundings then finally find way to grab the cheng.

Scoring 7.91 - 2 minor falling mistake = 6.91

"Selangor, Ampang, Jing Lan Lion Dance Troupe A Team"
Cheng Title : "Ge Chang, Chai Bao" Ge Chang means a barrier made out of a wall. Chai Bao simply means grab the precious. In this clip we can see that there is a table infront of the tree where the cheng is. The table represents the barrier wall. The lion, climb on the wall to then get cheng.

Scoring 8.3

"Kuala Lumpur, Kok Hing Lion Dance Trope"
Cheng Title : "Chan Chiao Ching"
Meaning of the title, Chan Qiao means broken bridge. So the entire title is, Cheng found around the the broken bridge.
The story is about the bridge that has been broken in the middle. The way to perform starts of
with the same as a normal bridge performance. But when the lion notice there is a broken path in the center, it has to express its fear and awareness on
every steps that it takes. Any how,finally the lion also
accidenly step on the the ware off wood and it broke of. Here, the lion has to express its extream fear and shock. The lion again test carefully and look carefully and finally took its
greatest courage to leap over. After leaping over the lion has to look back again and express its glad and ego that it actually manage to pass the obstacle. After expressing, the lion found he cheng and express its happiness and joy. Finally eats it with appreciation.
This type of performance can be perform in two ways, One is, extreamly old and broken bridge
that has no way at the other end that the lion has to turn back after picking the cheng.
Another one is, the bridge only broken at the center. So, after the lion leap across, there is another
way down at the other end. Ofcourse, there is a cheng to pick some where
after the lion leap over.

"Kuala Lumpur, Jing Shing Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe"
Cheng Title : "Shui Zhong Ching" Meaning of the cheng, Cheng on water.
This story is about the cheng that grows in the water source such as pond. We need to set up stones or any hump for the lion to step in order to get into the middle of the pondto grab the cheng.

Scoring : 7.85 - slight mistake = 7.45

"Wei Wu Yi Biao Lion Dance Troupe"
Cheng Title : "Du She Shou Ling Zhi"
Explaination, Du She means very poisonous snake, Shou Ling Zhi means, Guarding the Ling Zhi. Ling Zhi is a type of food that lion eats as well.
To perform this cheng, you need to have a fake snake. The style of the story telling is simmilar to the centepead story. The lion came across this stone or a gap or a snake hole where there is a ling zhi grown in it but been guard by a snake because the snake live there. The lion then has to attract the snake to leave the hole and then attack the snake from behind. After getting rid of the snake, the lion can enjoy its food.

Scoring 7.64 - mistakes = 5.84

"Wai Mou Ming Kok Lion Dance Troupe"
Cheng Title : "Chi Zhong Ching"
Chi Zhong means in the middle of the pond, so it means having
a cheng in the middle of the pond. As usual, Lions perform its
admire on the scenery he sees. Drink the water by the bank of the pond.
suddenly he sees that there is food in the center of the pond. So he express
his happiness and excitement but also very careful of its surrounding.
Finding that there is no danger, the lion can finally enjoy the food.

Scoring 8.44 - mistake 0.3 = 8.14

Hainan Association (Tian Hou Temple) Lion dance Troupe
Cheng Title : Chiao Ching (Bridge Cheng)
So the entire title is, cheng on the end of the broken END bridge" To play with bridge which has a broken end, the story goes like this, A lion comes out and play around and it found a bridge.
So the lion will has an intention to cross the bridge.
When crossing bridge, lion must express the mood of looking around, being
very carefull about the bridge and every step that it actually takes,
looking at its own reflection on the water below the bridge, and
also play with the water using its feet. Once the lion reach to a certain point of the bridge, he found that the bridge has no more way to go. So at this point, lion has to express his disapointment. While expressing its disappointment, the lion notice there is a some thing to eat at the end of the broken area. So again, the lion has to express his joy of noticing the cheng and finally eats it. After eating lion have to do cleaning action. Eyes, ears, mouth and body. After cleaning, It turns back and go down back from where he came.

Scoring 8.59 - Mistake 0.6 = 7.99

Kuala Lumpur Puchong Lian Hua Gong Lion dance Troupe
Cheng Title : Chiao Ching (Bridge Cheng)
same explaination as the Tian Hou Temple

Scoring : 8.24 - mistake 1.3 = 6.94

Hainan Association (Tian Hou Temple) Lion dance Troupe
Cheng Title : Chiao Ching (Bridge Cheng)
Same Explaination as the previous as well

Scoring : 8.59 - mistake 0.6 = 7.99

Kwong Lung Lion Dance Troupe
Cheng Title : Chiao Tou Ching
Same as Tian Hou Temple.

Scoring : 7.95 - mistake 0.2 = 7.75

Hua Ren Ti Lion Dance Troupe
Cheng Title : Ge An Chai Xian Jiu.
Ge An means one land saparated from another, Chai Xian Jiu
means getting the wine. So this lion is at another side of the land
saparated by a river, So the lion will perform the excitement when it sees water,
and will dring it. Then cross the bridge, admire the water below the bridge,
Take every stept cautionsly, and finally reach the cheng(wine). Before it drinkd the wine,
the lion express its curious feeling towards the wine, scared and anxious. Finally got rid of every
danger and finish up the wine. As usual, after drinking, drunken lion has to be performed.

Scoring : 8.55

Kuala Lumpur Hok Sing Lion Dance Troupe (Champion)
Cheng Title : Chiao Di Ching
Meaning of the title, Cheng under the bridge.
Story and way of performing same as ordinary bridge performance
but instead of having the cheng at the end, The lion actually found the cheng under the bridge.

Scoring : 8.84

Ampang Xun Wu Lion Dance Troupe A Team
Cheng Title : Xie Ji Shou Ling Zhi
Xie Ji in mandarin means scorpion, and Shou means guard. Ling Zhi is a type of food.
Base on this performance, another element added on the story, which is the bridge and the
stream to give the story more spice. Normally it can just be performed by having the wooden hut where the scorpion stays. So to perform this, you have to build a fake scorpion as a props. Put a fishing line on the head of the scorpion to pull the scorpion out so you can acchieve the feeling of attracting the scorpion to chase after you. Dancing style will be the same as how you normally cross a bridge if you add on a bridge. If not just create a story of sleeping not far from the wooden hut. Suddenly, there is some ants biting the lion. Because normally broken woods will have white ants and onther type of ants. After a few bites, the lion is so angry and wakes up to see where is the ants coming from. So it finally found that it is from the broken wood not far away. Then the wood rise the curiousity of the lion and the lion will move around and see what is the wood is all about. Continouly looking makes the lion found that there is a food in the hut but guarded by a scorpion. So the lion will attract the scorpion out to battle it. After the scorpion comes out from the broken woods, The lion will attack the most dangerous weapons of the scorpion which is the clamp and the tail. After getting rid of the scorpion, the lion eats the cheng.

Scoring : 8.52